Real Estate, Business, Corporate and Tax

Our real estate and business practice includes representing investors, developers and sponsors in connection with property acquisitions and dispositions, joint venture formation and structuring, investment fund formation and structuring, acquisition, bridge, construction and permanent financing, refinancing, construction contracting, and the sales and leasing of all types of commercial and residential properties.

We have also represented clients with the acquisition of distressed real estate assets in approximately 100 transactions over the last several years, including purchases of defaulted loans and REO properties. When defaulted loans were acquired, we also assisted in negotiating forbearance agreements and other workout arrangements to enable the client to realize on collateral, and one of our attorneys with litigation experience assisted in overseeing receivership and eviction proceedings when necessary.

Our tax expertise also complements our real estate practice. We are able to analyze the income tax aspects of both property and entity based transactions, as well as partnership and limited liability company structures, and often recommend structures to achieve more favorable tax consequences when appropriate. Our expertise with both income and estate tax planning has also enabled us to assist real estate clients in transferring significant wealth and future appreciation to future generations.

Viewing our real estate transactions more broadly, we have extensive experience in the purchase, sale and financing of commercial properties, multi-family housing, golf club properties (both private and public) and hotels, each with their own unique blend of real estate, business operations and licensing requirements.

In addition to specific transactions, we assist our real estate clients with the broad range of other issues they confront, from more routine single asset entity formation, to negotiating and documenting agreements with key personnel or among principals, to sophisticated income and estate tax planning.

We also have extensive experience in a broad array of other business sectors and transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions and mergers of operating businesses, entity formation and capitalization, executive employment and compensation, and commercial transactions.

The firm also advises its clients regarding the structure of all forms of business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships and professional corporations, and assists with the formation and management procedures of such entities.

We would be pleased to provide more detailed information upon request.